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Dear Wife, I do Not Need a New Ladder

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Dear Wife, I do Not Need a New LadderI have a six-foot aluminum A-frame ladder and my wife hates it.

I purchased it close to 15 years ago, as Vonnie and I began painting rooms in our first home. It wasn't all that expensive and not of the highest quality. It's a bit wobbly, has paint stains on it, and the top part labeled "not a step" is bent from when the ladder needed to be just a little bit taller and I used it, well, as a step.

But it still works.

These days, it's used most commonly to get into our garage attic where we store seasonal decorations.

Did I mention Vonnie hates my ladder? She thinks it's unsafe, and expresses that opinion every time I use it. She insists on holding onto the base of the ladder to ensure it doesn't tip over as I climb up and down it-all the while, stating how unsafe she believes the ladder to be, how nervous my using it makes her, and how much she wishes I'd just give in and purchase a new one.

However, I feel completely stable on the ladder, even without her holding on to it with her grip of steel. Sure, there was the one time she found me dangling from the garage ceiling, clinging to the edge of the attic opening after I had slipped and kicked the ladder over. But that had nothing to do with the physical condition of the ladder itself.

I almost gave in once, and went to a few stores comparing prices of similar ladders. I found that purchasing a new ladder of the same size would cost me somewhere between $60 and $100. I just can't justify spending the money on a new ladder when the one I have works just fine.

Especially since I can count on one hand the number of times I use it in a year. Buying a new ladder and setting it against the wall in the garage for months before I use it again just seems like such a waste of money.

Recently we needed to store some things, including my ladder, in our neighbor's garage for a few days. I remember setting it against the side wall towards the front of the garage, but when I went back to get it a few days later, it was standing in the back of the garage. I made a comment regarding the ladder not being where I remembered putting it. My neighbor indicated that his wife had used it to get something down from a hook that was too high up for her to reach.

Yes, she actually used the ladder without it collapsing or falling over.

I'm telling you, I don't need a new ladder.

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Travis Pizel, Debt Management Plan Customer with CareOne Services, Inc. Travis Pizel

Travis is a contributing writer for the My Journey out of Debt blog and is a very active member of the CareOne community forums. Travis is currently enrolled in a CareOne Debt Management Plan (DMP). Travis very candidly shares his personal journey to pay off his debt and the tips he's learned along the way. As a father and husband he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family. You can also follow along with Travis on his personal blog, Our Journey to Zero. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

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  • The one thing I got from this post? How much your wife loves you!

  • Oh sure, Lauren, take my wife's side!  LOL.  It's true that she's simply worried about me hurting myself and looking out for my safety.  But I genuinely feel that the ladder is one of those "don't judge a book by it's cover" things.  The ladder may look like it's in bad shape, but I have confidence in it.  Thanks for your comment!

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