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Why I Hate Facebook

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Katie Simmons Debt Management Plan CustomerFor so many reasons, I do. I hate Facebook. 

Yes, I have an account and I am on it daily and I am a Facebook voyeur, but today I realized it is extremely frustrating to me on a whole different level that relates to the stage I am in financially right now. Every day I look at pictures posted of people taking their families on big vacations, showing off pictures of new homes or cars or campers and I sit there and think, what in the heck am I doing wrong? 

  • How can almost every person I know or knew at one point be in a better financial place than I am? 
  • How does a person with a wife and 3 kids spend a week at the beach every year? 
  • How does a divorcee with 2 kids go out and buy a really nice, brand new camper and here I sit living paycheck to paycheck while I work my tail off trying to pay off debt

So I have to ask:

  1. Are people just "pretending" to do or have some of these things to better themselves through Facebook? 
  2. Are people able to do these things because they continue to use credit and loans to pay for them and really are in debt just like me
  3. Is 99% of the population living a better financial lifestyle than I am and I just suck?

I don't know the answer and I really won't ever find out, but I can't help but feel a little bit aggravated by what others have. I can't help it. 

I know what you are going to tell me - don't engage in Facebook or anything else that makes you feel "smaller" than others. I know it is just my own low self-esteem, I get that, but today was one of those days that I just had to vent about it because I was feeling sorry for myself (yes, I have these days too) and I had just read ANOTHER perfect Facebook status about an old High School friend that just booked her next European vacation to travel with her daughter for her 16th Birthday and I just couldn't feel happy for them anymore because I wanted that to be me.

So now is a great time to tell me that in all actuality this person just lied about the European trip to make HERSELF feel better and is really just spending her vacation at the community swimming pool like I am....go ahead, I'm waiting!

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Katie Simmons Lupo, CareOne Services, Inc. Debt Management Plan Customer and Debt BloggerKatie (Simmons) Lupo

Katie is currently enrolled in the CareOne Debt Relief Services Debt Management Plan (DMP). You can read more about Katie's experience in the My Journey out of Debt blog. In her blog, Katie explores life without credit cards, living on a 'real' budget and making that adjustment from spender to saver. A newlywed, Katie candidly addresses how debt has influenced her choices in love and life. Look for older posts by Katie under the Single and Settling In blog. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.

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  • I know how you feel. I do the same way but I wondering how my cuz take trip and waterpark and cruize when she is on ssid which is lil more then me and she have all her student loan write off becuz her dr said she cant work but my bf is in same sitution but he dont have money to take us to vacation and he have student loan which they take out of his ssid if he bring more they take out more they cant go lower to 750 so he get 750. Oh ya she have 2 kids dont get child support either.  She go gambling everytime she get a chance and she went to florida and las vegas to go gambling. I have 2 kids to support and i get child support and I get paycheck but I am living paycheck to paycheck. She told us she going to wisconsin dell I ask her how she said a radio show here was giving them away. She said she wait for 3hrs for them ticket. I wish I can do that but I have to work to pay bills. But I figure if I want something I am going to work for it and have something of my to show. And vaction I am taking my girls and my best friend and her girls camping together a group of ppl she talk in chatroom we pay half and we have mother and daughter weekend get away that mean my mom and sisters and me go on trip without kids but we do it around around our area and hotel my sister and I get discount but we dont do any fancy stuff. I am want my kids have what I didnt have so we will take lil trip and I try to catch up on bills. Oh ya I have teenager now so my oldest is going to be taking dr class which i am going to pay and buy another car which my bf and her and i share couple years my youngest will be do samething. I figure we have some value in life that show are hard earning pay off and we will be debt free in !yr and 7mth on car loan and credit card.

  • Well I guess I can't say I'm in this same position per se.  I make 3 times what my enemies make mwahahaha.  That pleases me.  However, my sister and her husband are both engineers (a job that renders a $50-$70 thou salary) and together they make a fortune and they're always trying to invite me to ridiculously expensive trips I don't have the money for because I have yet to clear old debts (not loans...worse) from college.  So travel is a luxury for me too.  My guess is that no matter how they do it they're definitely filling up credit cards for these trips though because my whole family has Facebook pages like that and they actually have the guts to admit they drain credit for stuff like that from time to time.  As for Facebook I got a lot of requests from foreign nationals and people from way back in high school a decade ago that would be insane to think I'd want to be friends with them.  For the people I actually did accept I realized more and more when I say they had 500+ friends on their list that I was just a number to them and went back to calling people on the phone or using messenger to get to know people better that I already know fairly well instead of people I once talked to a few times 15 years ago.  Facebook is the perfect environment for college students however.  I really got to know people well while in college using Facebook outside of that, however, there are better ways to communicate with people.  As far as finding out what people from your graduating high school class now do though I come to believe we leave those people/things in the past for a really good reason.  That's me.

  • I know exactly what you're talking about.  I think many of those people are probably living way beyond their means.  Some are aware of it, others aren't.

  • I feel the same way. I get depressed when I see the trips and vacations that other families are able to take. We used to be them and now we struggle everyday. We had a friend just get a new inground pool and we have yet to go over because of how bad it makes me feel. Hopefully things will get better each month we are on the plan. We are only in the second month and have a long way to go but I just hope it gets easier.

  • I know what you mean about Facebook! I am on it daily. Yes, I often times see that as well, where people are constantly posting all of their awesome vacations and purchases and what not. Maybe some are living beyond their means, but I know that most are not, they are just hard working individuals who are excellent stewards of their finances, dreams and lives, and no not all of them are making more than 6 figures a year. One thing I do know, is the ones who are now financially free and are able to do all those things weren't always able to do so. I have friends who like many of us here on CareOne were deep in debt at one point or another, but once they took control things only started to look up for them, which brings me to my next point.

    Most of the friends I do have on Facebook that are wealthy or well off, are people who used to be regular Joes who were introduced to an opportunity with different companies and they took that opportunity changed their ways of thinking and now many of them get to go on vacation four or more times in the same year. It used to bother me that they obviously knew something I did not, until one day I met someone who introduced me to a group of amazing people who had great influence in the lives of others. I have come to learn that if it is wealth and happiness you are after then you must strategically place yourself and make yourself known to those type of individuals, because as I have learned, the people that you associate yourself with is a representation of who you are in all areas of your life. This is not to say that I have no financial worries and everything is fine and dandy, I am still in a stage of learning myself. I consciously made a decision to let go of pride and let go of all my belief systems if I truly wanted to learn and be coached from those who had a wealth of knowledge to share.

    I have chosen to place myself in a circle of people who have huge hearts, are saving the lives of malnourished children worldwide and are living the lives of their dreams at the same time! I have been learning from them now for about two and a half years, and the person that I am today, I have to tell you that I sometimes have to stop and smile or even laugh out loud when I have these moments of self-discovery where I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions, where I am using everything I have learned from these amazing men and women who have guided me on a great path of self-rediscovery. I used to always feel bad for myself and feel like a failure or loser, as I used to focus on what I didn't have instead of focusing on my dreams and focusing on finding purpose in this thing we call life. These are people with great minds and even greater hearts such like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Mohammed Yunus, Sam Caster, Blake Mycoskie, Mandy Schendel, among others. You may be wondering why I am sharing all this with you, and the reason is simply because I too used to be in your shoes, and even now as I am learning I have to discipline myself into recognizing those same thought and behavior patterns.

    I will leave you with this, the majority of individuals who are happy, financially free, and are able to follow their dreams all the way are entrepreneurs. These are not people who give their valuable and precious time to a company for 40+ hours a week, for 40+ years of their lives without ever knowing their purpose and finding and doing what truly makes them happy. That is insanity my friend. According to Albert Einstein "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Why do you think the direct selling, network marketing, or in my case Social Entrepreneurship are a fast growing industry? They are because people are starting to see (like myself) the value that these industries offer to people, such as the hope of time and financial freedom, better health. Most who keep at it regain their lives back because they are able to take better care of themselves now. It amazes me when the people who scoff or mock that industry are the same people who day after day, like robots give up their precious time to a company that views them as dispensable robots. These are the same people who will complain about their jobs, their health, their finances, or having the inability to have enough time for themselves and families and yet when they are presented with such an opportunity they choose to let their pre-conditioned belief systems or thought processes to fill them with fear, doubt, and skepticism. This goes on and on, on a daily basis, all they do is complain. This my friend is called insanity.

  • My brother in law and his wife with their 3 kids are planning a trip to Hawaii. They will stay with her family while they are there so they ONLY have to pay for airline tickets and food. Why does this make me crazy?? Because NEITER OF THEM HAS A JOB!!! That's right. He gets disability and her kids get some money from their state. They live in a nice house and just bought a car. She goes to school on grant money. He does nothing at all. It seems like all the people around me have iPhones or get their hair done or go out to eat and to the movies all the time. We never go anywhere or do anything and it makes me so frustrated. I make a meal plan and take a calculator to the grocery store. I get a blanket if I am cold. Sometimes it is so hard to be so careful all the time when it seems like everyone else is just so free with money. They do not understand when I say we cannot afford things. I am just thankful my kids get it.

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