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I Got a - New to me - Grill

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I Got a - New to me - GrillI purchased my current charcoal grill a little over six years ago. I fire it up at least once a week, year-round. 

My grill and I have made some marvelous food together. 

The cooking chamber is made of heavy duty metal, and the cast iron cooking grates are still in great condition. Unfortunately, other parts of the grill are beginning to fall apart. The handle of the removable ash pan has fallen off, the wheels are completely broken, and there is a growing rust spot on the front.

My wife laughed at me one day as I was dragging my grill with broken wheels across our deck. She giggled even more when I attempted to empty the handle-less ash pan, spilling ashes all over the deck.   

"I think it's time for a new grill," she stated.

I love this grill-it's the best grill I've ever had.  Some new screws, new wheels, and a can of high heat paint would get the grill back into tip-top shape.

Can you believe she rolled her eyes at me?

In a moment of weakness, I did check out a few stores to see what new grills were out there. The ones I looked at were not as heavy duty, didn't have the surface area of my current grill, and cost about $180. I just couldn't get myself to get rid of the grill I have loved for six full years for a clearly inferior product.

On my way home from work a few days later I drove by my friend's house who passed away earlier this year. His wife is preparing to move and was purging household items that she no longer wanted.

Sitting by the side of the road was my friend's grill with a big sign taped to it that said, "FREE." Six years ago, when I bought my grill, he liked it so much that he bought the same one. He and I spent a lot of time together grilling at each other's houses.

I pulled over and took a look at the condition of the grill. The front door was broken, but otherwise it was less used, and in much better condition than mine. 

I rang the doorbell and made sure his wife was okay with me taking the grill. With her approval, I loaded it into the back of my van and brought it home. I sprayed it down with a power washer, replaced the broken door with a good one from the grill I had, and rubbed the cooking grates with vegetable oil.

Not only will I get to continue grilling on the type of grill that I've loved and become very familiar with over the last six years, but I have a nice memento of my friend. 

I stepped back, admired my "new" grill, thought of my friend, and smiled.

I can't wait to fire it up.

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  • Wow, great acquisition.  And Travis, we should encourage all our readers to keep their eyes open for signs along the streets.  It's surprising what  kind of "treasures" are FREE.  I found a great bicycle that way, too.  There are lots of people, me included, who would much rather have someone take our cast-offs than to stuff them into a trash can.  It's the old "one man's trash is another man's treasure" story.

  • I just saw this comment, conradsmom, sorry that I didn't respond sooner!  You have a great perspective, and it's very true.  I see "FREE" and "TAKE ME" signs all the time for people who are trying to get rid of things rather than trying to throw them away. A lot of times they're objects that the current owner would have to pay to get rid of (old furniture, grills, etc).

    Craig's List is a great place to look for things like this too!  Thanks for your comment!

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