Can I Really Stay Married AND Get Out Of Debt?

My Journey out of Debt

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Can I Really Stay Married AND Get Out Of Debt?

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Can I Really Stay Married AND Get Out Of Debt?Prepare yourself . . . it's another "vent" post. I have to do these every once in a while to keep my sanity. 

This one is about my wonderful, dear, sweet, husband. He truly is wonderful and I adore him . . . when he is not acting like a lunatic. 

It amazes me that he has lost all concept of money management simply because I handle the finances for our household.

So, I dedicate this blog to my "Honey" and to the hope that at some point he will get on board with what we are trying to do financially.

  • Honey, when I tell you that there is $50 on your debit card, but $20 of that $50 needs to cover the gas you put in at the pump, that leaves what for you to spend? This is not meant to be a trick question. So, when I get frustrated with you at the end of the day because I look at your account and it has total of $1.23 remaining, which does not include the $20 for gas (meaning that I have to transfer said $20 from another account so we don't overdraw and start messing up our weekly budget) your response should NOT be, "Well, Babe, I didn't know; when I buy things it lets me take money out so I thought everything was covered."  Grrrrrrrrrr.  

  • Honey, you know we are on a budget. This budget may be more restrictive right now in order to pay off debt and make a better life for ourselves; so please don't get angry when I say we don't have extra money for you to buy a mini-bike because your philosophy is "Whoever dies with the most toys wins." 

  • ...And honey, along those same lines, when I am complaining because we don't have enough money to cover an expense and I get stressed out and cranky, don't tell me that money doesn't matter as long as we have each other. It will just make me more upset since I am still trying to deal with the temper tantrum you threw over that mini-bike deal.  Grrrrrrrrrr. 

  • ...And honey, it is so NOT funny when I am attempting to have a serious discussion about our finances and you offer that the solution to paying off our debt is for me to spend a couple of nights "dancing," so we wouldn't have to do this whole debt management plan thing anymore.

I know he appreciates what we are doing for us and our future, but sometimes he just loses his darn mind! The scary thing is, although he is sometimes difficult to deal with from a money standpoint, I think it may be worse when we do have the debt paid off and we can be a little be more flexible with our money. 

I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't tell him when our debt is paid off - I think that will be best for everyone!

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Katie Simmons Lupo, CareOne Debt Management Plan customer for CareOne Services, Inc. Katie (Simmons) Lupo

Katie is currently enrolled in the CareOne Debt Relief Services Debt Management Plan (DMP). You can read more about Katie's experience in the My Journey out of Debt blog. In her blog, Katie explores life without credit cards, living on a 'real' budget and making that adjustment from spender to saver. A newlywed, Katie candidly addresses how debt has influenced her choices in love and life. Look for older posts by Katie under the Single and Settling In blog. Compensated Blogger for CareOne Debt Relief Services.


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  • Katie,

    Your venting has enlightened me to not make fun of the situation with "dancing" jokes. I'm guilty of that one too.

  • badkirt....I am glad I am helping someone with my vents out there!  And yes, hold off on the "dancing" jokes - they will never be funny!

  • Let be fairer and open mirror with each other in a relationship, so the things are like crystal clear. Well both have to manage the finances smartly to get rid of that debt.

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