My Journey out of Debt

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Starting My Journey out of Debt!

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My Journey out of Debt - Julie Van WertThere are many reasons people slip, and then fall, into debt. Each of us uses money in our own unique way.

Besides the essentials, money is often used for power, status, or even adventure. For me, the descent into debt began when I turned to the "easy money" world of credit as a way to comfort myself and my children. Little did I know that those generous benefactors, the credit companies, would eventually become my ruthless masters.

When my husband died in 2001, I was suddenly a single parent. Lonely, depressed, and hopeless, it didn't take me long to learn that shopping and spending made me feel good, albeit temporarily. Using credit to purchase little luxuries took my mind away from the pain for a few moments, and gave me a fleeting sensation of comfort and normalcy. My grieving mind wasn't clear enough to see the dangers ahead.

The worst was yet to come.

I had all but maxed out my credit cards and now found that it was difficult to make all those high payments. As I attempted to "juggle" bills, the late fees began, and the penalty interest rates replaced my once enticing low rates. Now the benevolent banks had turned into greedy monsters with the power to turn my life upside down. 

I began to dread bill paying days because I knew that I would soon be reeling under the fear and hopelessness of not having enough money to pay all my creditors. I would watch my bank balance dwindle to almost nothing, while my credit card balances were going up due to exorbitant interest. One day, I noted I was only paying $40 on the principle of an $8000 balance.  I knew then that I was enslaved to my debt, and felt desperately trapped.

What had I done???? How would I EVER be free from the stranglehold of debt? 

Stress and worry over debt were now intruding into every area of my life. I lived in terror, dreading a household emergency because, of course, I had no savings and my credit score by now was laughable. I began to hear CareOne commercials, and even though my thoughts were almost completely consumed with worry over finances, I picked up on the theme, "We've been in your shoes." 

Someone who understood and really wanted to help me??????? Really???????  I decided to call even though I was a bit skeptical.

Within an hour, I had a PLAN, I had a TIME FRAME, and I had the thing that I desperately needed.......... I had HOPE. I sat at my desk and cried! Tears of happiness, tears of relief! Years of frustration and fear poured out in those tears. I now had HOPE for a way out of debt. 

I no longer live with the tyrannical fear of debt. Instead of relentless stress, I now have peace of mind and excitement as I learn to save money, cut expenses, and rebuild my financial reputation. 

Thanks, CareOne!

Julie VanWert, CareOne Services, Inc. Debt Management Plan Customer and Blogger

Julie Van Wert

I am a Medical Social Worker at a community hospital. I am married and have three wonderful children, and three beautiful grandsons, with another grandbaby on the way. My family also includes a miniature Dachshund named Conrad. I love gardening and spending time outdoors, but I equally love doing home decorating projects. I've been enrolled in the Debt Management Plan for just under a year, and that has been a real "turning point" in my financial life. I hope you will follow along with My Journey out of Debt! Compensated CareOne Debt Relief Services Blogger

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  • What an awesome blog!!  Congratulations on getting things under control at a time where you felt no hope!!  I look forward to more of your blogs!!  :-)

  • Reading this post made me re-live my experience when my wife and I enrolled in the DMP back in July of 2009.  I know that feeling of stress and worry from debt, that feeling of skepticism as I called and investigated my options with CareOne, and then finally that feeling of relief as I realized (over time) just how much the DMP would change my life forever.

    Congratulations, Julie, on your success thus far!  I look forward to walking along with you on your journey.  :)

  • I understand the feeling! My husband and I started our DMP in January of this year and just knowing that CareOne is taking care of creditors with our monthly payment has encouraged us to be more frugal in our lives. We were hopeless, living paycheck to paycheck, with our debts seemingly higher. Not including what we've reduced with our DMP, we've paid off about $10,000 of other debt (thanks mostly to selling our rarely used jet ski!) Still, it helped get rid of $6500 worth of debt! We still have about 4 years to go on our plan, but we are slowly knocking out our installment debt as well as our credit debt. It's an amazing feeling!

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